Regulations 2023-2024

  • Objective The association Les petits midis Nyon aims to offer a lunchtime venue for children who attend the schools école du Couchant during the noontime break, promoting social interaction among children and easing the burden on their parents.
  • Admission The venue is intended for children from 1p to 6p in école du Couchant and école de Tattes D’Oies for the school year 2023-2024.
  • Venue In the FC Italia restaurant, Stade de Marens, Route des Tattes d’Oie
  • Opening : Back to School : Monday 21 August 2023
  • Closing : End of School : Thursday 30 June 2024

* Les petits midis Nyon reserves the right to close on certain days (spécial holidays), in accordance with information received from the School Director. In all cases, you will be informed as soon as possible.

  • Routes Children attending Ecole du Couchant will be collected by volunteers in the schoolyard. They will go together on foot to the venue. School children from Ecole des Tattes d’Oie will not be accompanied and are expected to arrive on their own.

Children in 1p/2p: Children in 1p and 2p who do not have school in the afternoon must be picked up at 13h20 at the latest in the FC Italia restaurant, Stade de Marens.

  • Membership The annual membership fee is 35 CHF. Parents must be registered members in order for their children to join the venue. Members will also have access to emergency childcare benefits.
  • Volunteerism Parents must pledge to volunteer in order to guarantee a smooth operation of the association. There will be a maximum of 18 children per lunch time (this includes the children of the volunteers themselves, whose attendance are free of charge).
  • Organization Les petits midis Nyon is managed by a committee of 5 persons: Anouk van Meel-Dempter (president), Izasakum Zarana (treasurer) and Sophie Buffle (secretary)
  • Lunch Meals are provided by Croquelune.
  • Insurance The children will be covered by standard insurance contracts (3rd party liability, health and accident) taken out by their parents. Les petits midis Nyon is also covered by complementary liability insurance.
  • Enrolment Enrolment will be done once for a fixed schedule during the entire school year. To be considered for enrolment, the following documents must be signed and returned: Enrolment Form, Chart and Regulations

Changes or cancellations must be made in writing or by email. In case of over-enrolment, priority will be given to parents who do not currently have any lunch time solution for their children, as well as those with children aged 0-4 at home.

  • Emergency An emergency child care system exists (allowing children who are not regularly enrolled to attend the venue). Subject to availability. Only members may avail of the emergency child care system.
  • Invoicing The costs of 13.- CHF (meal included) per child per day are to be paid by the parents. The same fee applies in case of emergency child care. The invoices will be sent monthly, and are payable within 30 days.
  • Activities Before and after lunch, children have the possibilities to:

Play: some games and material will be available. Children are expected to respect the venue and any material provided.

Go outside: It is also possible to play outside, in the perimeter of the restaurant, under supervision and with authorization.

  • Behavior As soon as they arrive, children are expected to greet, listen, obey, help and respect the volunteers. No one is to leave the area without a volunteer. Shouting, running or quarrelling are not permitted inside the establishment.
  • Exclusion Children may be sanctioned in case of:

Disturbance of the well-being of others or the establishment

Failure to respect the rules and regulations

Disobedient behavior towards volunteers or unacceptable behavior towards other children

In any of the above cases, the child and his or her parents will be notified, and a sanction decision will be made, with the possibility of exclusion.

We rely on the advice, encouragement and recommendation of the parents.

An orientation and introductory meeting with the children, parents, volunteers and committee members will be organized at the beginning of the school year.

Download the rules (pdf file)